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The Oberheim Matrix serie synths (Matrix 6 Keyboard, Matrix 6 rack and Matrix 1000 rack) are powerful sound engines suffering of the lack of knobs interface to edit parameters.

The Matrix Ctrlr is a dedicated Midi controller developed on arduino : it has a nice direct panel interface inspired by the Access Matrix controller with modern features like double function of the knobs. Moreover, a true complete editing menu accessible through a LCD allows you to deeply edit in live absolutely everything on the Matrix, including matrix modulations.


The Matrix synths were mainly operating using SysEx to edit each parameter. The Matrix Ctrlr bypass this hard to understand feature by converting simple Control Change messages into SysEx and vis-versa. This way you can live edit your sound and record variations in your favorite DAW, to play them back later.


As of 2016, memory costs nothing. So the Matrix Ctrlr also manages all the patches memory with the capability to record up to 1000 patches in its internal memory.


A nice and common feature on a synth keyboard is the arpegiator and a simple sequencer like on Roland SH-101 to quickly create nice loops. The Matrix Ctrlr has an integrated sequencer and arpegiator to provide more fun on the play.


And finally, the Matrix Ctrlr is able to control and play at the same time up to 4 Matrix serie synths using a complex internal midi router.


The Matrix Ctrlr is the ultimate control surface for your Matrix in a 19″ x 3U rack to sit in your rig or lay on your desktop.










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