Matrix Ctrlr EDIT Menu

The EDIT menu is the companion of the live panel and is used to edit less relevant parameters of a tone and its name. Usually you set a fixed value into the EDIT mode while you tweak parameters value on the live panel.

Pressing EDIT shows the different sections available :

  • KEY1 : DCO & LFO settings
  • KEY2 : FILTER & VCA settings
  • KEY3 : ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 settings

Use PAGE to cycle the different pages of a section and EDIT to return. Press a KEY to enter a section.

DCO & LFO section :

Page 1 : DCO 1/2 affected by pitch Bend, Vibrato or portamento

  • KEY1 select DCO1 or DCO2,
  • KEY2KEY4 activate

Page 2 : LFO 1/2 affected by vibrato, bend, portamento

  • KEY1 select LFO1 or LFO2,
  • KEY2KEY4 activate

Page3 : LFO 1/2 modulation

  • KEY1 select LFO1 or LFO2,
  • KEY2 LFO AMPLITUDE modulation by RAMP1,
  • KEY4 LFO SPEED modulation by Channel Aftertouch (PRESSURE)

Page 4 : LFO parameters

  • KEY1 : set LFO1 or LFO2
  • KEY2 : LFO mode single, multiple, external or nothing
  • KEY3 : source
  • KEY4 : Lag
  • KEY5 : retrigger

use the encoder to edit the value

FILTER & VCA section :

Page 1 : filter modulated by pitch Bend, Vibrato, portamento or keyboard velocity

Page 2 : VCA parameters

  • KEY2 : AMOUNT (VCA Level)
  • KEY3 : VCA modulated by velocity
  • KEY4 : VCA modulated by ENV2

use the encoder to set the value

Page 3 : workaround for Oberheim defective parameters implementation

ENVELOPS section

Page 1 :  ENV3 main parameters

  • KEY2 : ENV3 Attack
  • KEY3 : ENV3 Decay
  • KEY4 : : ENV3 Sustain
  • KEY5 : ENV3 Release

use the encoder to set the values

Page 2 : other ENV parameters

  • KEY1 : select ENV1, 2 or 3
  • KEY2 : selected ENV Dealy
  • KEY3 : selected ENV Amplitude
  • KEY4 : selected ENV Release mode (nothing, free run, DADR, both)

use encoder to set value

Page 3 : other ENV parameters

  • KEY1 : select ENV
  • KEY3 : ENV triggermode
  • KEY5 : LFO

use encoder to set value


Page 1 : portamento

  • KEY1 : portamento mode
  • KEY4 : Velocity
  • KEY5 : portamento rate

Page 2 : keyboard behavior

  • KEY1 : keyboard note mode assignation
  • KEY4 : unison

press KEY to set value


Page 1 : the Matrix !!

simply select the parameter using KEYS and edit the value within the encoder

  • KEY1 : slot (there are 10 available)
  • KEY2 : the SOURCE
  • KEY5 : the AMOUNT

Page 2 :  RAMPS parameters

  • KEY1 : select RAMP to edit
  • KEY2 : set RAMP speed
  • KEY3 : ramp trigger mode
  • KEY5 : ramp input trigger

use encoder to set value

Page 3 : 5 segments tracking ramps parameters

use the KEYS to select the segment, then edit with the encoder

EDITING NAME of a tone

A tone can have a 8 characters name. Use the encoder to set the characters. You can press the encoder to edit the following character or the arrows on the display.

NOTA : Notice the name isn’t saved into memory : you have to return to PATCH main page and press SAV.


useless since the Matrix Ctrlr can contain 1000 tones in its memory


Press key under to set a randomized value (experimental feature).

There are two pages of parameters to randomize.

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