Confined COVID19

We have finally received boards from China last week… so much delay. There are still some components in transit but we had a small stock, so we could supply a few orders.


With the Coronavirus sanitary crisis, all the EU citizens have noticed we are confined.

The benefits of this confinement are … the silence and a break for the planet. We will have time to develop firmware and other projects. We send courage to the parents !


The  orders from January and February (outside soldering service) will be shipped next monday. The transit of goods will be particularly slow (less post officers, less trains, no more planes).

You can contact us for any question regarding your order inside your account interface.

Availability / backorder

Dear fellows,

We recently ordered last week in China the necessary components for our kits that have a long delivery (e.g MN3101, LEDs, switches, etc). We have absolutely no idea of the exact time it takes to arrive in EU considering the coronavirus story in China (most parcels are delayed as many workers are confined at home). It should take more than usual (> 3 weeks).

We will order this week fast shipping elements (PCB, displays ..) as we batch some personal projects in there (like this midibox 909 sequencer for TR9090). Even DHL and normal manufacturing times are delayed (5 days instead of 3).

So we may ship kits in March.


All kits are sold out ! thanks a lot to all our customers for this awesome confidence. We will restock the ECO of Matrix Ctrlr and One-O-Six Chorus but we can’t clearly estimate the delay as, you know, the Chinese peoples are a bit annoyed by a virus ! We wish them to keep safe at home until epidemic is over. Transmission over parcels is not possible, but many factories/companies have asked their employees to stay home until further notice. You can have a look on Steven Soderbergh’s movie Contagion which is a state of the art explanation of that pandemic.

As a consequence the kits are backorder, meaning that they are not in stock now but you can preorder them.

We have upgraded our website to the newer PHP and SQL and the delivery system is now fully operative. We use the services of La Poste and an newly WC plugin for automated labels printing/editing/tracking system.

We have enhanced the Matrix Ctrlr firmware to support grouped Matrix synths (up to 4×6 notes polyphony !!) and we will officially publish an update in the next months.

We also would like to wish you all the best for 2020 and launch a game for this new year : we celebrated ein frohes neues Jahr in Berlin and we have hidden a business card at the Tresor. If you find it, we offer you a free kit !! Hint : watch the ceiling 😉

Flashing an EPROM

A customer asked us how to flash the Matrix-6 EPROM using TL866 programmer & MiniPro Software on Windows.

You will need a blank 27C256 EPROM (UV erasable) and the binary (.bin) file.

  1. First, specify the chipset used : in this example the brand is ST and the model is M27C256B in a package DIP28.
  2. Then load the .bin to have the data to write by the software.
  3. Flash the EPROM
  4. Finally, verify it is no more blank.


So are screenshots :





New kits availability

We have received the new panels, and their quality is amazing. It was a right choice.

We have a few components in stock. Remaining ones are on their way. We will continue some sales until Christmas 😉

Notice we have some vintage or custom synthesizers from the 80’s for sale. They are serviced. Stay up to date as we publish them once ready.

People asking for soldering services have to be patient, we don’t have lots of free time.


!! SOLD OUT !!

Woahhh the shop is empty 🙂

All Matrix Ctrlr DELUXE kits have been sold, we will certainly not restock it but propose a cheaper ECO kit made of silkscreened plastic instead of metal panel+adhesive overlay. We work on it. This would be an opportunity to enhance the firmware (we just need time … teaser : MPE). Below a prototype (color may be different, we simply tested white) :

All One-O-Six chorus kit have been sold !! rather quickly and with a minimum of marketing which proves the interest of the customers. We are thinking to a fully build ready to use unit with a kickstarter campaign (SMD components). Stay tuned !

We would like to thank all the customers for their patience and confidence, we now have a system incorporated to the webshop to improve automated shipping and delivery, a HUGE gain of time.

The point on our Activities

Nearly 3 years ago, I started to develop the Matrix Ctrlr.

I would like to thank a lot the early customers of this device for their confidence. This was a very challenging project ! Involved in the Do-It-Yourself community since 10 years by assembling and modifying others designers products, this time, I was designing my own product, mostly from scratch, using open sources solutions (software, codes, platforms).

Producing a circuit and even a complete kit for a device isn’t that easy. You have to deal with technical, dealers, budget, sales, distribution and support sides. But passionated peoples have given me the strength to do it !

Notice that Alpes Machines is an activity run by a single man besides a full time job 35hr/week (sound engineer for Radio France) with modulated working hours (weekend, holidays) ! So it is a bit complicated to combine a regular work, a passion, a self enterprise activity and, if possible, some personal life.


At the beginning of the year, the north american company Xvive resurrected the BBD MN3009 & MN3007. This chipset is in every best chorus ever produced : the Roland choruses !  It was the opportunity to run new products : the JuCe and the One-O-Six, both analogue stereo chorus based on BBD technology.

I’ve decided to choose these chipsets for their low noise in comparison to the modern BBD distributed by Cool Audio. I had already modified circuit boards produced by Roland & Boss, and it was time to design my owns.

Documentation and website are going slowly on this new products but I must confess this is not my cup of tea, particularly after spending hours in circuit design on Kicad and IRL prototypes tests.


I’ve started to distribute the first board of the One-O-Six as a kit last week and I would like to thank the early customers who will be the beta testers in some way, not of the circuit as it is perfectly working, but as builders !

We hope this will growth the interest in the One-O-Six Chorus so I could design an industrial board with SMD components and thus open this device to more musicians and engineers at an interesting price to produce subtile sound and music 🙂

I’ve been reflecting to the best method for this, and a participatory financing could be the solution. What do you think about ? You can express your opinion in the comments.



PS: notice the forum is back ! it will be more secured against spam this time

Julien V.