!! SOLD OUT !!

Woahhh the shop is empty 🙂

All Matrix Ctrlr DELUXE kits have been sold, we will certainly not restock it but propose a cheaper ECO kit made of silkscreened plastic instead of metal panel+adhesive overlay. We work on it. This would be an opportunity to enhance the firmware (we just need time … teaser : MPE). Below a prototype (color may be different, we simply tested white) :

All One-O-Six chorus kit have been sold !! rather quickly and with a minimum of marketing which proves the interest of the customers. We are thinking to a fully build ready to use unit with a kickstarter campaign (SMD components). Stay tuned !

We would like to thank all the customers for their patience and confidence, we now have a system incorporated to the webshop to improve automated shipping and delivery, a HUGE gain of time.

10 thoughts on “!! SOLD OUT !!

  1. Hey, wheb do you think will the new matrix1000 ctrlr kit be available?

    cheers and super big up fron finland,

    Eljas L.

  2. Hello,
    C’est une véritable malédiction : à chaque fois que je réussi à réunir la somme nécessaire pour t’acheter un Matrix Ctrlr, il est sold out !
    Penses-tu tenir les délais annoncés pour cette fin de mois (donc dans quelques jours) pour ta nouvelle version Eco ?…

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