Summer 2021 : SOLD OUT !

We would like to thank our customers because our shelves and drawers are empty ! PCB, face panels, components … all is gone !! An opportunity to clean up the lab 😉

We are restocking a few parts to propose 4 last Matrix Ctrlr ECO kits before the fall. Don’t hesitate to back order for being sure you get one !

The Stereo One-O-Six chorus kit is still available for less than 60€, a good opportunity to get the legendary Roland(tm) Juno Chorus in your backline and occupy the end of your holidays  !

Thanks again for your support, Cheers !!


2 thoughts on “Summer 2021 : SOLD OUT !

  1. Bonjour Julien

    Je serais intéressé par un matrix Ctrlr ECO en back order, apparemment encore dispo….le kit est-il complet ?
    Merci, musicalement

    Pierre Yves
    Studio de la Linotte (en construction en Haute Saône)

    • bonjour, le kit est livré complet, il n’y a plus qu’à souder. 14 unités vont être mise en vente pour la fin d’année. cdt

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