Matrix Ctrlr : in stock

We have restocked enough parts to supply 15 kits of the Matrix Ctrlr. The paint is drying in the garage 😉

Besides, we are thinking about selling PCB & stickers only at a very interesting price for all the greedy peoples out there LOL. More seriously, preparing kits is lots of time, time that could be used to develop new interesting device like a Juno106 chorus digitally controlled (it’s on the bench).

If you are an experienced DIYer located in the USA or UK, we are interested by your services for soldering : give a shoot !

7 thoughts on “Matrix Ctrlr : in stock

  1. It would be nice if these kits were available as turn-key. Now I need to buy a Novation Summit instead of 2xM1000 + Matrix CTRLR

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