Matrix Ctrlr 1.05 : new features

  • New memory management : the name & tone of a patch, the arp parameters, the unison detune are organized a bit differently, allowing direct upload of patches from the matrix 6/ 1000 to the Ctrlr without a computer. An auto initialization sequence on boot formats the memory if the eeproms are new. A hidden menu allows to format the Ctrlr to factory state.
  • Test mode : pressing F1 & F2 while powering allows to test the unit during building/soldering.
  • Several Matrix synths controlled at the same time : now control 4 units independently.
  • Randomizer on tone parameters : press a button to create random values on DCO or ENV for example (a customer request).
  • Triggers : external analog sources to trigger the arp/seq are now supported. Even a general midi rimshot (37) note message can be used !
  • Complete debug of the user interface : DCO2 Pulse doesn’t provide random press anymore (on PCB earlier rev1.2). Some random controllers corrected.
  • Complete integration inside a midi environnement and a DAW with Local Control on/off.
  • Complete sysex/control change translator implemented.
  • Zone : Midi patchbay on 4 channels, with transpose, range and redirection.
  • System config sysex.
  • Ctrlr less verbose : smoothness with Matrix when editing it.

The firmware is available on Github

NOTA : backup your patches before upgrading !


It has been tested on Logic Pro 9 with one Matrix 6 Keyboard, one Matrix 6 rack and 1 Matrix 1000 rack. Beware of the midi loops ! Setup correctly your gear to manage 4 channels and remind you that sysex don’t have a channel.



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