Matrix Ctrl kit stock is low


Only 4 Mainboard PCBs in stock ! Expect at least 10 days to restock.

Extension is SOLD OUT ! idem : 10 days.

The rest is OK for the moment. Critical items are front panel and overlay (one month delay both).

There are 4 units soldered and built for those interested by mounting service.



PS : OS is currently 0.97d with major features and enhancements.

Assembly service for Matrix Ctrlr kit

According to Facebook traffic and analytics, the Matrix Ctrlr shows great interest.
Unfortunately, lots of you seem refreined by the fact of building it despite it has been conceived from the beginning to be as simple as possible.

So, those interested by a Matrix Ctrlr (fully built) can comment this post to give me an estimate. I would then consider if i am proposing an assembly service in the Shop.

Thanks for your interest ????