New shop : cart

The Matrix Ctrlr is about to be back in shop, certainly next week. Lots of components, lots of metal in stock. “Sticker ready for friday” according to the manufacturer in my town.


The Matrix Ctrlr shop page is ready but hidden to public for the moment. Great news, there is now a Paypal cart, with coupons ! I expect to open it next Monday. With a surprise for the Facebook fans of Matrix6/1000

I am also very excited to play with my new toy the Microstop, imported from USA through UK and used in aircrafts manufacturing process.

A new feature has been implemented on the PCB in order to sync to pure analog gear. Any positive DC pulse is recognized by the Ctrlr to control the Arpeggiator. Some lines of code to indicate to the Ctrlr to monitor external triggers instead of Midi Clock (hence J1 and J2 jacks on front panel).

In the meantime i will clean up the code and push it on Github. Remainder : new firmware is simply uploaded using USB. A dedicated page will be created regarding this very useful feature, so that previous customers can make the circuit at home (Moog published the schematic years ago) :

Well, my week end is fulfilled ^^