summer 2019 is here

Dear fellows,

The summer is here and holidays too ! We have been recently developing a Roland Chorus clone based on circuits of Juno 106/60, JX3P and Boss CExx series.

Prototypes have been tested and optimized, but, before a sale we need to make some marketing and publish some data for the early customers.

The Stereo One-O-Six chorus is ready to launch as a kit : front panel, printed circuit board, aluminium enclosure and a few parts (rest of the parts can be ordered online on famous webshop of electronics). If the interest is particularly high we will propose an industrial version of the product (SMD components).

We made some videos and editing those last days, so you should expect something particularly interesting to listen and watch.

The JuCe Chorus is postponed to a later date (certainly autumn of the year) as we can’t manage very products at the same time.

Notice that the Matrix Ctrlr is available in stock, still as a kit (with optional assembly service). There are a few kits left. Don’t wait too much to order yours ! We will not restock the deluxe edition.



Dear Fellows,

Several peoples ask when the Matrix Ctrlr Kit will be available. Well, we pause the run on the restocking to finish the design of a prototype PCB (JuCe Chorus, based on Boss CE300 and Roland Juno) and have some free time to enjoy skiing in the Alpes, but the ‘long to get’ parts are in stock. We just need the PCB, usually delivered in one week (express), and some paint job in Savoie (FR). We will open (pre)order in April 2019.

Besides that, we will certainly sell one or two Oberheim Matrix 1000 or 6 for those interested, with a discount on a Ctrlr. Please wait a new item in the shop.

We recently bought junk synths and restored them, we will create a vintage section soon.

Keep in mind that Alpes Machines activity is besides a full time daily job and particularly time-consuming. We need to sleep too 😉


Happy 2019 !!!

Alpes Machines wish you all the best for 2019 with lots of success and joy in the music.


The Matrix Ctrlr is still interesting lots of people, hence it is currently sold out. We will restock a few kits in the next weeks, don’t hesitate to contact us to reserve yours.

Besides we have started the development of a Chorus unit based on Roland Juno and Boss CE300 circuitry with additional features that should interest many peoples.

More infos should be announced on Youtube and Facebook next month.

A new shop page is also on the bench. We thank you for your kind support and confidence through the last 2 years. We love you 🙂

Matrix Ctrlr : in stock

We have restocked enough parts to supply 15 kits of the Matrix Ctrlr. The paint is drying in the garage 😉

Besides, we are thinking about selling PCB & stickers only at a very interesting price for all the greedy peoples out there LOL. More seriously, preparing kits is lots of time, time that could be used to develop new interesting device like a Juno106 chorus digitally controlled (it’s on the bench).

If you are an experienced DIYer located in the USA or UK, we are interested by your services for soldering : give a shoot !